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Ice-T Introduces Baby Chanel to Her 'Rich Uncle' Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

Ice- T and Coco brought their infant daughter, Chanel Marrow, to “The Tonight Show”



    After 18 years of "Law & Order: SVU" Ice-T has developed some cynicism towards humanity and it took the birth of a baby and Instagram to shake that off.

    Ice-T, whose full name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, brought his infant daughter, Chanel Marrow, with him when he appeared on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday.  

    Chatting with host Jimmy Fallon, the actor/rapper explained how Chanel’s Instagram fame, with 300,000 followers, has overwhelmingly elicited positive comments. "That really restored my faith in humanity," Ice-T said, adding that he expected at least some negative comments.

    While her dad was busy talking, Ice-T's wife Coco and baby Chanel were hiding backstage waiting to surprise Fallon with an unexpected visit. For Fallon, a father of two, it was love at first sight. 

    "Congratulations! That is the most beautiful baby," Fallon said of a sleeping Chanel, who was dressed in all pink.

    "Do you want to hold her?" Coco asked a hesitant Fallon.

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    "I have to be close to the floor," he replied.

    "Say hello to your rich uncle!" Ice-T instructed his daughter, who was still peacefully asleep despite the roar and applause of the live audience.

    With 18 seasons of "Law & Order," Ice-T is hoping to break the franchise’s record by completing 21 seasons.

    But as he demonstrated on the "Tonight Show," Ice-T can always make a career out of voice acting in cartoons. Fallon demonstrated this latent talent by showing classic cartoons like "Peanuts" and "Super Friends" featuring some not-so-classic voice work by Ice-T.

    "I was the original Batman," Ice-T said.