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Watch: Diddy's "Downton Abbey" Spoof

Diddy does Masterpiece Theatre--sort of--after teasing that he'd joined the cast of the hit PBS series

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    Sean "Diddy" Combs

    Sean "Diddy" Combs made headlines Wednesday after he tweeted he was joining the cast of "Downton Abbey" as a "series regular" and "debuting a sneak peak" at midnight.

    It turns out that the much-buzzed-about preview the rapper was hyping is actually --surprise!-- a Funny or Die spoof of the hit series that went live last night.

    Dubbed "Downton Diddy," the skit features Diddy as Lord Wolcott, who introduces himself as the new owner of Downton Abbey (though his preferred pronunciation is actually "Down-town").

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    The video claims that before producers cast Gary Carr as the show's first recurring black character recently, they somehow forgot Diddy has been there all along, and the scenes to follow supposedly prove it.

    As Lord Wolcott, Diddy declares his love for all the women of Downton Abbey and even footman Thomas Barrow ("I'm Lord Wolcott, and I love everybody!"); stands beside Mr. Bates as he's convicted of murder; gives Lord Grantham investment advice ("I found this little company called IBM"); and passes round his Diddy-approved Ciroc vodka, among other highlights.

    "This is some real Masterpiece Theatre right here," says the MC at the end of the parody.

    The fourth season of the real "Downton Abbey" is set to premiere on Jan. 5, 2014.

    (Note: Video is R-rated for language.)

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