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Real-life Couple Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis to Play Film Lovers




    Chemistry shouldn't be a problem with Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis set to star on the screen together for the first time in "My American Lover."

    Depp is quoted on BangShowbiz confirming the news. “It’s in preparation. It's called 'My American Lover.' Vanessa plays the French feminist Simone de Beauvoir and I play her lover Nelson Algren who is real macho.”

    Director Lasse Hallstrom (who directed Depp in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape") will have the honors of directing the two in the story of the 20th century French writer and philosopher -- famous for her treatise "The Second Sex" -- and her American writer lover.

    But the story is almost secondary to the excitement about this onscreen pairing after 12 years and two children  together. It could be the "Britney and K-fed Story" and it would still bring in agog critics and fans into the multiplexes.

    All parties have a number of projects to clear before this happens. But this will be one to watch.