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If "Inception" Isn't Enough, Chris Nolan's First Film Now On-Demand




    With Chris Nolan's profile at an all-time high, some genius decided to bring the director's first film to TV.

    Nolan's sci-fi heist film "Inception" took in $60 million on its first weekend, an impressive opening for a film that isn't a sequel or adaptation. In an effort to catch the wave, IFC (that's the Independent Film Channel) has made Nolan's debut effort, "Following," available on-demand.

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    "Following" tells the story of a struggling English writer who begins trailing people around London searching for inspiration. Along the way he meets a young thief named Cobb (as in Dom Cobb, Leonardo DiCaprio's character in "Inception"), who begins to bring him along on burglaries.

    The film was written, directed, filmed and co-produced by Nolan, working with a cast and crew that was, for the most part fully employed, thereby forcing most shooting to be done on weekends over the course of a year.

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    The film received rave reviews and won a handful of minor awards. Most importantly, it raised Nolan's standing enough that he was abe to get financing for "Memento."