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Reason for Thomas Jane's Emmy Celebration: "Hung" Renewed




    Federal security officials are investigating whether attacks on fiber optic systems in the Bay Area pose any threat to Super Bowl 50. News4's Scott MacFarlane reports. (Published Monday, Jan. 18, 2016)

    We've just had a lightbulb moment about Thomas Jane's oddly jubilant behavior at the HBO Emmy party on Sunday night -- perhaps he was celebrating the news that his show "Hung" has been renewed for a third season. reports the HBO dark comedy, which has a season final Sept. 12, will have a third season: a 10-episode order in 2011.

    Jane Adams is great as the nicest pimp ever. But the magnetic Thomas Jane is the reason you watch the show. He's fantastic as a down-on-his-luck coach who finds that he has a real talent for his night job -- pleasing the local ladies for money. He's good looking enough to make his sideline's marketability believable and yet also can pull off the look of a regular Detroit guy with money problems.

    Jane was especially memorable in HBO's baseball drama "61*" as Mickey Mantle. But he was all kinds of Shoeless Joe at the HBO Emmy party on Sunday night.

    The actor seemed to be in a sublime mood, making quite the scene as he kicked off his shoes at Penny Marshall's table and was spotted walking around the tropical themed HBO event with a look of absolute wonder on his face.

    While he talked to PopcornBIz about wanting to guest star in AMC's "The Walking Dead," he was fully "Hung" dressed with a snake-print shirt and a dark suede jacket. Classic.

    We need more characters like Jane. Long may he hang.