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Show Recap: Chefs' Kitchen Design Tips and Joshua Cain's Hollywood Home




    Located in the heart of Hollywood, El Cabrillo, the Spanish Revival home of interior designer Joshua Cain once sheltered up-and-coming artists and starlets in the 20s and 30s. Rumor has it that legendary filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille built the property for his daughter. To include its glamorous past in its decor, Joshua, a co-owner of Saxony Design Build, crafted an oversized armoire inspired by the pad’s original molding doors. He also used a neutral palette to highlight architectural features like the 1920s fireplace and designed a lamp to hold a 100-year-old vase, which was found in a shipwreck in Taiwan. (Published Monday, Sep 27, 2010)

    Last weekend's episode of Open House was all about magnificent homes and hot kitchens. Celebrity chef Art Smith and Shelley Young, founder of Chicago's Chopping Block cooking school, revealed what they couldn't live without in their home kitchens such as a counter hewn out of butcher block, an exhaust fan that disappears behind a range and an entertaining-friendly layout since the party always ends up in the kitchen. In Westport, CT, homeowner Jessica Robinson opened up the doors of her $3.9 million Colonial, where you can enjoy the water both indoors and out with an elaborate Disney-inspired indoor pool. Meanwhile, interior designer Joshua Cain breathed new life into the glamorous past of El Cabrillo (watch it in the video above), his Spanish Revival in the Hollywood Hills that director Cecil B. DeMille supposedly built. We then headed to the midwest to check out the Una Bella Vista estate, where gorgeous views are the star of the Italian-inspired property. Finally, George Oliphant helps a soon-to-be-hitched couple merge their closets.