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Piers Morgan Bans Madonna From New CNN Show



    Janet Donovan

    Newly anointed CNN host Piers Morgan who is set to take over talk show Larry King's spot this January said he's already decided to ban one guest: Madonna.

    Lady Gaga’s arrived so why have the old one? We need a new model," Morgan quipped to Niteside during the power player-heavy book party for Britain's ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown at The Jefferson Hotel Saturday night. ""Madonna and I go back a long way. ... I am kind of banning her before she refuses to come on."

    The ex-"America's Got Talent" judge recently ripped the Material Mom for being "boring" and said Lady Gaga has eclipsed Madge in relevance.

    So who does the sharp-tongued host want to have on for his first show?

    Ex-Prime Minister of Britain Gordon Brown Reflects on Life After Office

    [NTSD] Ex-Prime Minister of Britain Gordon Brown Reflects on Life After Office
    The former UK Prime Minister, attending a book party for his new tome "Beyond the Crash" with his wife Sarah Saturday night at The Jefferson Hotel, addressed his "involuntary" exit from office with typical British humor.

    "I'd like to get the President. ... It's a pivotal time for him," he joked. "I think I can do the same thing for him that I did for Gordon [Brown], draw out the human side." 

    Hosts Tammy Haddad, Ted Greenberg and The Jefferson owners Connie Milstein and J.C. de Lay Haye St. Hilaire were among those who feted Brown's new book “Beyond the Crash: Overcoming the First Crisis of Globalization." David Axelrod and former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe were also in attendance.