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"Rad" Aging Alt-Rockers Endorse Snuggie

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If titling an album "Raditude" wasn't enough to cement Weezer's place in the annals of rock 'n' roll douchebaggery, this Snuggie endorsement certainly will.

To everyone who ever made me a copy of "Pinkerton" after I told them I hate the band and the album, I present to you the Wuggie:

And it's not a joke, BNET reported.

"If you buy a Weezer Snuggie, you'll get a copy of Weezer’s new album, Raditude, out Nov. 3, free. Alternatively, if you buy the album from Weezer’s web site for $30 you’ll get a plain blue Snuggie free. The Safari print number is available for $50."

Aright, that's enough, Rivers Cuomo. I wish you'd stayed celibate.

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