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Thies: Sequester This

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Thies: Sequester This


President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner should be sequestered.

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Small Biz Owners Concerned About Sequester

Small businesses in Prince George's County met with Sen. Ben Cardin to express concerns about the impact of sequestration.

Planes, Trains Could Be Affected by Sequestration

Gridlock on Capitol Hill could have direct impact on air travel and Metro. News4 transportation reporter Adam Tuss has the story.
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"Sequester" most simply defined means “to set apart.”

We should sequester this:

1. Talk of sequestration doom:

Let's just see what happens.

2. The blame game:

Ignore the finger-pointing and forget what the partisan pundits say; everyone on Capitol Hill and inside the White House is at fault. They are all equally culpable.

Blame is a smokescreen the purpose of which is to conceal failure.

Blame is a game that never solved anything.

3. Any belief that things will get better in Washington until they get worse:

There is absolutely no reason to think that Democrats and Republicans -- or, for that matter, Democrats and Democrats, or Republicans and Republicans -- will find common ground on revenue and spending issues.

Not, at least, until something really bad happens.

4) Laughs:

Set some aside. They will come in handy if The Sequester, like so many overhyped things, comes and goes with a whimper.


The White House released lists for each state on Sunday of potential effects of automatic spending cuts set for Friday.

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