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Obama, Romney Claim Unprecedented Get-Out-The-Vote Effort In Va.




    If there was a knock on your door this weekend in Virginia, chances are good there was an Obama or Romney campaign volunteer on the other side. Both campaigns claim they executed an unparalleled get-out-the-vote operation on Saturday and Sunday.

    Scores of volunteers spread out across Northern Virginia neighborhoods. Here are the get-out-the-vote numbers reported by each campaign.

    Until now the Obama campaign has kept it's voter contact numbers under wraps.They have said all along that their volunteer operation surpasses what they had in place in 2008. One keystone of their operation is working through neighborhood team leaders, to set up get-out-the-vote teams that don't have to report to a field office. Instead, they are dispatched from someone's home.

    The campaign says on Saturday alone in Virginia they mobilized more than 20,000 volunteers. Door knocked upon: 477,536. Calls made: 460,968. Total personal voter phone calls or door knocks since Jan. 1, 2012: 12,136,377.

    The Romney campaign also says it's waging an unprecedented voter contact plan in Virginia. Campaign sources say since April 1 they have have made more contacts than there are voting age residents in the Commonwealth.

    Their numbers reflect the total campaign period. Door knocks: 2 million. Total contacts: 6.5 million. According the campaign, that represents four times more phone calls than in 2008 and 12 times moe door knocks.