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Morning Read: Planned Parenthood PAC Continues Anti-Romney, Allen Attacks In Virginia




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    Sen. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in file photos.

    A Super PAC affiliated with Planned Parenthood -- Planned Parenthood Votes -- recently launched an anti-Romney ad in swing states like Virginia, Ohio and Colorado.

    Specifically, the ad attacks Romney’s anti-Roe v. Wade stance and shows a clip of him saying that he would “get rid” of Planned Parenthood.

    Now, the group is sending out mailers to 212,000 households in Virginia attacking Mitt Romney and Senate candidate George Allen.

    CNN posted a PDF of the flier, which says Mitt Romney and George Allen “would go too far and interfere in personal health decisions that should be left up to a woman and her doctor.”

    The flier features a woman talking about her and her husband’s decision after they found out in a scan that her unborn baby’s brain was malformed: “My husband and I had to make a deeply personal decision. It was not easy, and it had nothing to do with politics.”

    This is the group's third mailer in just weeks, CNN reports.


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