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House Set to Vote on Virginia's First Openly Gay Judge



    Tracy Thorne-Begland

    Virginia's House of Delegates is set to vote on a permanent six-year appointment for the commonwealth's first openly gay judge after rejecting him last spring.

    Richmond General District Judge Tracy Thorne-Begland is among a list of 44 judges seeking new six-year appointments.

    Thorne-Begland lost his bid for a permanent legislative appointment in a vote taken at 1:13 a.m. last May 12 at the end of a quickly called 13-hour marathon special session.

    Thirty-three delegates voted for him, 18 short of the necessary 51-vote majority. Thirty-three voted no, but 36 either cast abstention votes or briefly left their desks for Thorne-Begland's confirmation vote.

    Richmond Circuit Court judges later appointed Thorne-Begland on an interim basis to fill a judicial vacancy.