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Gun Bill Petitioners Will Need 55K Signatures to Get it to Ballot in 2014




    Maryland Delegate Neil Parrott has scheduled an announcement about a gun-control bill that passed this session.

    Parrott, a Washington County Republican, has scheduled the announcement at a park in Jessup on Wednesday evening.

    Parrott is the chairman of, a group that led the first successful effort to petition legislation to the ballot in 20 years. Voters upheld all three bills.

    Representatives from the National Rifle Association, Maryland Shall Issue and the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore have all been invited to attend and speak on the issue.

    Opponents of the gun bill will need to gather 55,736 signatures if they want to petition it to the ballot in 2014. They will need to get one-third of that number by midnight May 31 to move forward.