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Gray's Lawyer: "Rush to Judgment"

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Gray's Lawyer: "Rush to Judgment"

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Post Poll Says Most Residents Want D.C. Mayor to Resign

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray blamed his low ranking in a new Washington Post poll on the intense media attention to the federal probe of his 2010 mayoral campaign.
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Today Robert Bennett, Mayor Vincent Gray's lawyer, released a statement scolding those who have suggested he step down. The letter notes that there is "a rush to judgment based on speculation and a presumption of guilt."

Gray has taken hits today in the wake of a new Washington Post poll taken last week that found the majority of D.C. residents think he should step down.

The mayor told News4 that the prosecution needs to play out, and that the poll was a snapshot after a busy legal week.

Full statement from Bennett:

Mayor Gray is being treated very unfairly by some in the media and those with their own political agendas.

They are not focusing on the very good things he is doing for our city -- the improvements he has made in city services, the local economy and the welfare of the less fortunate in our community.

There is a rush to judgment based on speculation and a presumption of guilt. He has not been charged with anything, much less convicted.

I have advised Mayor Gray that out of respect for the U.S. Attorney's investigation, he should not comment on the facts. Nevertheless, you should not disregard the presumption of innocence, to which all Americans are entitled, including Mayor Gray.

“I echo what Mr. Bennett has said, and that is, I haven’t been charged with anything; I haven’t been convicted of anything,” Gray told News4's Tom Sherwood Thursday. “I would urge people, just strongly ask them, to allow this whole process to play out.”

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