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Will Redskins Change Their Name by 2016?




    Two Metro trains came dangerously close on the same track when one train ran a red light signal, News 4 has learned. (Published Friday, Feb. 5, 2016)

    Redskins training camp is upon us, providing us with more to talk about than the incessant debate regarding their name.

    With a few days to kill before Thursday, however, here is the latest opinion on the matter from Sports Illustrated's Peter King in the "Ten Things I Think I Think" section of his MMQ B column:

    7. I think the Washington franchise will have a new team name by 2016. 

    That's it. A simple and informed opinion. 

    Earlier this year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a staunch supporter of a name change, predicted that the Redskins will indeed change their name within three years. Who knows at this point? 

    What do you think? Could you be rooting for the Washington [insert name here] in two years? Do you care?

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