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Ian Desmond's Inside-The-Park Home Run That Almost Was, But Then Wasn't




    The Washington Nationals had their home opener spoiled by the Atlanta Braves on Friday in a 2-1 loss. At the center of the game was an inside-the-park home run from Ian Desmond that was ultimately overturned

    In the fifth inning, Desmond ripped a a shot down the left-field line that came to a stop underneath the padding of the outfield wall. Braves outfielder Justin Upton raised his hands to indicate a ground-rule double, but Desmond never stopped running, sliding into home to tie the game.


    Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez requested a review, a new rule implemented this season, and it was determined that the ball was lodged in the padding of the wall. The run was taken off the scoreboard and Desmond was forced to return to second base, where he was caught in a rundown attempting to steal third.

    It can certainly be argued that Desmond was robbed; look at how easily Upton was able to pick up the ball despite being it underneath the wall.

    Regardless, here is the first example of the downside of instant replay.

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