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Bryce Harper Talks Clown Questions, Being Called Up, Showers On "Jimmy Kimmel Live"




    Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper was a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday for some reason, but the kid didn't do half bad. Kimmel touched on all of the talkings points that you would have expected: "clown questions," Las Vegas (Kimmel also grew up there), and the story of his call-up to the Nationals in April:

    The most entertaining parts of the interview came during the second half, when Harper recalled the fan that mooned him during the at-bat that led to his first major-league hit and his pregame superstitions.

    “You kinda not try to think about that," he said. "It’s hard to worry about the fans as you’re facing [Dodgers pitcher Chad] Billingsly. I wish that guy would have let me sign his butt or something. That’d be kinda cool.”

    “I get to the field at 12:00 for a 7:05 game, and it starts from there," he said, referring to his pregame rituals. "I shower seven times while I’m at the field and I don’t even need too. Yeah, it’s bad. As long as I’m doing good or my team’s winning, I’m gonna keep doing the same thing. Wearing the same undershirt, I mean, I eat Eggo waffles. It has to be Eggo before the game. I mean, it’s really weird. PB and honey, I mean, I’m really superstitious.”

    So, who's bringing waffles to Opening Day?

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