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Alex Ovechkin At The Olympics, Part II: Fraternizing With The Enemy




    Monday, I shared with you the first installment of Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin's photo diary from the Olympics.

    To be honest with you, I expected it to be the only installment. That is, until USA Today tweeted out another picture Tuesday.

    Yes, that is Ovechkin laughing it up with one Jaromir Jagr, former Washington Capital and current pariah Dallas Star. For any fervent Caps fan, this picture might induce vomiting despite its playful nature. If that is the case, then please aim away from your computer monitor.

    Ovechkin, as you might already know, is in London to support girlfriend Maria Kirilenko as she represents Russia in the Games. With two weeks left, perhaps we'll see more of Ovi. Hopefully under more stomach-agreeing circumstances.

    In the mean time, I'll defer to Russian Machine Never Breaks, who said Tuesday that this is the Olympic moment between Ovechkin and Jagr that Caps fans would like to remember more.

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